First orthopaedic hospital opens in Lafayette


Whether it’s a knee, hip or shoulder replacement, it’s now done at Lafayette General Orthopaedic Hospital. 

According to LGH President David Callecod, it’s all to make more room for patients. 

 “All three of those programs are very high performing programs,” said Callecod. “We put them under one roof and really focus the staff on only taking care of those orthopedic patients.”

On average, LGMC houses around 300 patients at one time. In fact, Callecod said they can only accpet about 50 percent of patients from affiliated hospitals when they need to be transferred.

But by housing orthopedics at one place, Callecod says beds open up on the main campus.

“We’ve made more beds available,” the president said. “It’s going to make it easier for the hospitals in the surrounding areas to send us patients and we created a world class orthopedic center.”
The hospital has made renovations to their patient care room at the new orthopedic hospital as well as designating two rooms with the Mako robotic arm-assisted surgical technology.
In the OR, surgeons use the Mako robotic arm for various orthopedic surgeries.
It doesn’t conduct the surgery for the surgeon, but rather assists the surgeon.
The arm assists in knee and hip replacements.
Surgeries began in May with Orthopaedic physician clinics now make the move to the new campus.

“I’m very excited,” Callecod said. “I think this is going to be a vibrant campus and I think more than likely this is going to be one of our most successful campuses as we move forward.

Renovations continue at Lafayette General Orthopaedic Hospital and the medical office building.
Officials say patients will not be impacted.
Learn more about the facility here.

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