Fears of gas shortage caused panic-buying in Acadiana


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Fears of a gas shortage are causing people to panic-buy fuel, even here in Acadiana.

This comes after a major U.S. pipeline shut down after a cyber attack Friday.

Gas station owners in Lafayette say they’re selling twice as much gas as people panic-buy fuel.

“We’ve sold double the quantity than normal what we do every day. I think people are panic buying their gas. People are filling their tanks up. Everything, whatever they can find, a two-liter to a 20-gallon, a 50-gallon, and even a 100-gallon,” Shyam Kumar, owner of the Welcome gas station in Lafayette, said.

He says he noticed people started panic-buying gas over the weekend. It’s even causing some gas stations to run out of fuel.

“We were short yesterday just for a few hours, but we still had premium, non-ethanol, and diesel. We were just shorted for the regular, but our delivery came last night. We are back now. We have plenty of fuel, and we have another delivery scheduled for tomorrow morning. So we are good,” Kumar said.

Several other gas station owners News Ten spoke with said the same.

They say it’s not that they’re running out of gas because their supplies are limited. People just started panic-buying when the Colonial Pipeline shut down last week.

“I want to tell people it’s temporary. It’s just a couple of days event. It happens. The pipeline, the I.T. system was hacked, by somebody that prevented the flow,” Kumar added.

Pretty soon, he says, things will be back to normal.

“It’s temporary. My gas is coming. Instead of coming from a station locally, it’s coming from Lake Charles. So it’s just a little bit of a delay but yeah, there is plenty of gas. It will be absolutely fine. Please do not panic,” he said.

Leaders in the gas industry are also telling people not to panic-buy gas right. They say that will only make the problem worse. 


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