LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The FBI is now investigating the attempted murder of a Kaplan 18-year-old.

Holden White is a self-identified gay man. He is in critical condition after he was lured to the home of a Lafayette teen under the pretense of a date and mutilated for hours.

Lafayette Police arrested Chance Seneca for attempted second-degree murder, but the family is asking for harsher charges.

The family’s advocate is working to make sure the man who nearly killed Holden is charged to the full extent of the law.

They were all surprised when Lafayette Police quickly said they were not investigating the incident as a hate crime.

“He was found naked in a bath tub bleeding out after his attacker called police to report Holden was dead,” said PFLAG President Matthew Humphrey.

Holden was stabbed multiple times in the neck, his hands were nearly sawn off, and he was strangled with a cord until every blood vessel in his head ruptured.

That was June 20th. The next day, detectives informed White’s parents it was not a hate crime.

“The notion that our local law enforcement can rule out such a heinous and brutal act as not being a hate crime within 24 hours is not only premature but arguably a miscarriage of justice,” said Humphrey.

According to Lafayette’s PFLAG president, not all the evidence has been analyzed. Police have the defendent’s phone, but not the victim’s.

The family’s advocate is hopeful the FBI, which became involved in the case, sees things differently.

“This does give us some indication that some federal law may have been broken,” said Humphrey.

A GoFundMe fundraiser is attracting multiple donors for Holden White’s recovery

When asked what federal crime it may be, no direct answer was given to compromise the investigation, but a few examples were given.

“It’s very possible they found some sort of manifesto, that they found some sort of evidence that this could be a hate crime, but then it also could be the fact that they’re looking into mutilation.”

Seneca currently has a $250,000 bond, and the family worries he could be released and hurt someone else if $25,000 is paid.

The family wants attempted first-degree premeditated murder charges and no bond because Seneca allegedly told a former partner he fantasized over killing a gay man.

Seneca’s Facebook profile picture since last October has been of Jeffrey Dahmer, who tortured, mutilated, and killed gay men.

The Lafayette Police Department released an updated statement Thursday night which said:

The Lafayette Police Department has received numerous phone calls, texts, and emails in reference to the Holden White investigation. Investigators with the Lafayette Police Department have sought the opinion of the District Attorney’s Office. It should also be noted, the Federal Bureau of Investigations is also assisting in this investigation.

Information received in reference to the incident is being evaluated daily. The Lafayette Police Department is continuing to develop information in the case and should that information lead to the evidence of a hate crime additional charges can be filed.

Lafayette Police Department

A GoFundMe for Holden White has already raised $75,000 dollars as of Thursday night. The money will go toward White’s recovery and a non-profit in his name.