PORT FOURCHON, La (KLFY) — Scott Daspit’s son, Dylan, is still missing. He says he will continue to search for him, and for all the families whose loved ones have not been found.

“Anymore survivors is going to be a slim reality,” said Daspit. “Reality is staring us in the face.”

“Dylan had just turned 30 on April 11th. Good son. Worked his butt off,” Daspit continued. “Now I feel like I let him down because I was hard on him. I’m hard on both of my sons. I wanted him to be better than me. Here it is, looks like he passed away working.”

He says he’s frustrated with the way the search is going.

“I’m very frustrated with Talos Energy, and there’s a lot of discrepancies with the Coast Guard too.”

It’s been more than a week since the lift boat capsized in the Gulf. 19 crew members were on board. Six were rescued. Six were found dead. Seven are unaccounted for.

The Coast Guard suspended its search on Monday. However, divers continue to search the capsized boat. The United Cajun Navy is providing support in the air and on the water.