VERMILION PARISH, La. (KLFY) — After a number of court delays, Angie Moreau said that she has had enough regarding a court case in Vermilion Parish involving her daughter and a man charged with carnal knowledge.

Moreau said the incident occurred when her daughter was 15-years-old and had dreams of joining the U.S. Marines. Mark Anthony Bon was a friend of the family who was a Marine and was guiding Moreau’s daughter for a career in the Marines.

“We trusted him fully; we had no reason not to. They would train so I thought nothing of it. Moreau said the relationship went on for months and months.

According to Chief Joshua Hardy with Kaplan Police Department, three felony arrest warrants were served on Bon in 2019.

Following an investigation conducted with Lafayette Police Department, Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office, and the Kaplan Police, Bon was charged with the following.

● 1 count of indecent behavior with a juvenile

● 1 count of computer aided solicitation of a juvenile

● 1 count of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile

The family has been getting letters from the court since 2019 to continue the trial hearing.

“I will not quit until justice is served and I will fight back with everything that I have,” said Moreau.

Moreau said her daughter has been strong through the process.

“Since then she graduated and she’s engaged and she’s about to have her own child and this has not stopped her at all, it’s made her stronger,” she said.

Moreau has a message for young girls.

“To young girls because it started when my daughter was 15-years-old and she’s about to be 20 and it didn’t come out until she was 17-years-old just don’t be scared to tell your parents because your parents love you and they’re not going to judge you at all”, said Moreau.

Bon is scheduled to be in court at the Vermilion Parish Courthouse on Dec. 9 at 9 a.m.