Family speaks out after their Church Point property was shot at for a third time


Five people and a baby were inside the home when gunshots rang out last night around midnight Tuesday.

CHURCH POINT, La. (KLFY)- A family is speaking out tonight after they say their property was shot at for the third time.

Church Point Police say they’re investigating that shooting along with another shooting that happened last night.

One of those shootings happened in the 200 block of East Minnex Alley in Church Point.

Amelia Carrier said, “It was a 30 round clip because all you heard was firecrackers. It was just not right.”

Five people and a baby were inside the home when gunshots rang out last night around midnight.

Carrier said she and her family knew it was another shooting.

“This hasn’t been the first time that this has happened so I figured someone’s shooting again,” explained Carrier. “This is not the first time, and no one’s ever been accounted for… never took responsibility of their own actions or anything of that nature.”

Church Point Police said they are investigating two shootings that happened last night.

“It’s the second one since we took office that they shot at this same house, and right now, I can’t go into too much details, but there were several rounds fired into his house, and also there were several rounds fired not into the house, but near another residence on an opposite street so we are conducting an investigation right now,” Church Point Police Chief Dale Thibodeaux said.

Bullet holes can be seen on several vehicles and one inside the window of Carrier’s home.

“At the location where it was shot at had someone been standing at the bar or just walking to the restroom, they would’ve gotten shot right in the mid area,” added Carrier.

Carrier and her family wonder why anyone would shoot up their property.

“Whoever did this just know that had you had any problems with anyone that lives on this location you could’ve come knocked on this door and we could’ve settled it the right way instead of going through all this. Y’all please put these guns down,” said Carrier.

The Church Point Police Department will release a statement within the next couple of days as to what their investigation uncovers, Thibodeaux said.

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