Carencro family robbed at gun-point, victims say suspects tried to take their baby


CARENCRO, La. (KLFY)- Joey Leger and his wife had the scare of a lifetime when they say several men broke in through their front door and demanded money, all while holding them at gun point. They say the worst part was the fact that they also threatened to take their 13-month-old daughter.

“They broke the door when they came in. And then they came  to the bedroom right here so they must’ve known where I was,” explained Leger. “They came in, they opened the door, they cut the light on. When they cut the light on, I heard them scream ‘Where’s the money?'”

He tells News 10 he was in bed with his wife, who was nursing the baby, when the masked men burst in.

“They hit me in the head with a gun. And then they drug me out of the bed. They drug me from there to the kitchen. I was on the floor on my knees. They put the gun on the back of my head and said, ‘If you don’t give us the money, we’ll kill you,'” recalls Leger.

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His wife, Taylor Bissell, says the criminals kept her in the bedroom at gunpoint. Her biggest concern was protecting her baby. “They busted through the door and immediately put an assault rifle on my face and pressed down,” Bisell said. “So they were threatening to take her and they kept tugging on her, trying to pull her out of my arms and I wouldn’t let. And I pulled back and he pressed even harder because I wasn’t letting her go.”

“I finally realized what was going on when in came to, so I brought them back in here. My work case was on top of my dresser. So I opened it up and I had a blue chase envelope so I gave it to them,” said Leger.

He owns a roofing company and had recently completed a job. He believes the men knew he had money in the house…And he’s warning other businesses to be careful. “Make sure that they don’t have a lot of cash on them at a time with workers around because you never know.”

The couple is hoping anyone with information about who the masked men may be to come forward.
News 10 spoke to Carencro Police Chief David Anderson who says his department is currently investigating the home invasion.

*WARNING: The raw video below contains graphic footage

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