CHAITAIGNIER, La. (KLFY)   A family is trying to rebuild their lives after losing everything in a house fire. The Wilson family is grateful to be alive today, but after a fire destroyed their home of 15 years, they are trying to pick up the pieces.

“We used to farm sweet potatoes all away around here. Our family lived here, coming up from a little boy. That’s our history. Staying in the county part of Chataignier,” recalls Mcdaniel Wilson, house fire victim. “Family pics, TVs, games, chrome book. You name it. We couldn’t save anything.”

Wilson remembers a call he received from his neighbor on May 5.

“I was at my girlfriend’s house, and my neighbor called about 3:30-3:40 am the most, and she told me that my house was in flames,” he said. “I got up and rushed. I figured it was just a little fire that I could cut out and save part of the house at least.”

Wilson is grateful no one was home at the time of the fire. His father was recently moved from the family home to a nursing home and Naomi Wilson, 13, and Megan Wilson,12, were with their mother.

“Thank God that they were with her at that time, and I wasn’t there because I looked at the fire and how it took. It’s no way that we would have been able to get out of the house. It blocked all the entrances the way I looked at it,” said Wilson.

The family suspects the cause of the fire was electrical. Ville Platte Fire Department responded to the fire.

“It burned all the door entrances. It blocked that for sure; I could tell it was an electrical problem,” said Wilson. “It burned the whole part from that part; the front. On the corner by the fireplace, the electric meter and all that part burned going back towards the room.”

Wilson shares with News 10 how it was the first time he could see the fire damage. When he went inside to look at the home, he froze up.

“I’ve been feeling down; like, how could it be? It isn’t anything like having your own. I just feel bad,” he said. “Trying to make the best of it. What the girls don’t have trying to buy their stuff back again and what I don’t have which I’m not hard to please, I’ll put whatever.”

“I’m just happy to say we weren’t in the house because I lost a house, but I didn’t lose a life and thanked God for that,” he said.

If anyone wants to help the family, they have set up a GofundMe account to replace clothes and expenses to rebuild the home.