Keshia Sylvester of Breaux Bridge was last seen nearly two years ago.

Since her disappearance, her family says they haven’t received any updates in her case.

Until now, when Saint Martin sheriff’s deputies were seen searching someone’s property. 

Yvonne Thibodeaux, Keshia’s aunt says, “They’ll call maybe every six months with nothing. That’s the update, they have nothing” when asked about updates she received from SMPSO.

Witnesses reported last seeing Keshia Sylvester on October 2nd, 2017.

Since then, her family has flooded social media asking for help to find her.

Thibodeaux says there are some rumors out there on Keisha’s whereabouts.

“They’re getting runaround stories like she’s involved in sex trafficking, she was sold to somebody in California. I as Keshia’s Aunt knows Keshia. If she was in a situation like that she would have found a way to contact somebody,” she says.

On Monday, FBI agents and St. Martin Parish deputies were on the property of Randal Rodriguez.

Keshia was employed by Rodriguez as a chef for six months leading up to her disappearance.

Rodriguez says he was a target in the investigation which led to a search of his property more than a year later; including his septic tank being pumped. 

He was told authorities were searching for hair and clothes. 

“It was an all-day ordeal. They turned my house upside down, my shop, almost every building, and they just went through everything and interrogated me”, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says he was cleared by sheriff’s deputies, but his computers and clothing were taken from his home.

“The truth will eventually come out and bring this young woman home”, he said.

Keshia’s sister, Brittany Sylvester says they don’t believe Rodriguez is involved in Keshia’s disappearance.

Her aunt Yvonne says she lost faith in the system, and at this point she just wants closure.

We have made a public records request to the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office for information in the missing person case of Keshia Sylvester, and the investigation of Randal Rodriguez. 

As of Thursday evening, we have not received a response.