VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY)– A woman who has lived at her Ville Platte residence for more than 50 years is pleading for help as rainfall continues to cause flooding inside her home.

“We can’t use our bathroom when it rains, especially those big ole rains. It floods, the water just keeps going up and down. There was one morning I got up and came to my bedroom door and the water was all in my hall and halfway to my kitchen,” Maoirite Doucet said.

She says her neighbors are experiencing similar issues with toilets overflowing when rain comes to the area.

Doucet says water causes her family to lose sleep knowing the flow of sewage from the bathroom can reach as far as her kitchen.

Even after reaching out to their utility company, she says the repair work done in her back yard did not solve the issue and there has been no attempt by the company to come back.

“They talk and say the same thing over and over again, ma’am we’re doing the best we can. But at the same time, where does that put us? The water has nowhere to go, what about the pump they have? They can make it go somewhere.”

As the sewage issues continue on Pine Point Road, Doucet says she prefers to see action instead of more words.

“I’d like for them to get something done so we can relax. As you grow old you try to get yourself to live the little bit of life you have left without going through all these problems. And the thing is they collect every month, they open the bill, and nothing gets done. It’s time for someone to speak up and get the job done.”

Doucet hopes to see some form of action taken to fix the sewage so she can finally get a night’s rest.