VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) — At Ville Platte High School, students and faculty mourn the loss of student Montavis Seraille, and his basketball coach remembers the impact he made on his team and his community.

Seraille was killed in a shooting on Friday night, and in the days since, Ville Platte High School took to social media to extend their condolences to the family.

Seraille’s basketball coach, Launey Coward describes Saraille was the center point of the team.

“Very strong, very hard working and just a very good kid. Anything I’d ask him to do, he would do. Wouldn’t complain about it, wouldn’t say anything. If I got on him, he would say yes sir and try his best to do better. It was never any complaints with him on the basketball court or off the basketball court,” said Coward.

Coward says Montae’s work ethic and athleticism brought positive energy to both his teammates and the crowd. As the team is now forced to move on, that energy will never be forgotten.

“It’s good to commend him on the work he did at school, on the court, and off the court. He’s going to be missed on this team and it’s going to be seen when we play, you’re going to notice a difference,” Coward said.

On Tuesday at Ville Platte High School, students and faculty will be wearing purple to honor and remember their friend Seraille.

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