EVANGELINE PARISH, La. (KLFY) — For the first time in Turkey Creek history, the mayoral race has proven to be split down the middle.

With 109 votes each, both candidates are still in the running to be the town’s next mayor.

Candidates Bert Campbell and Victoria “Vicki” Chaddrick are still running for mayor in Turkey Creek.

With a matching number of votes in the runoff election, both are waiting to see how the town will move forward.

Campbell said he’s waiting to see how it turns outs and Chaddick said it was exciting to see how many people showed up to vote.

“It’s to see the turnout, I mean 70.8% turnout,” Chaddick said.

According to Randall Deshotel with the Evangeline Parish Clerk of Court he spoke with the Secretary of State and was informed a special election will be held on Jan.14 in Turkey Creek to determine who will be the next mayor.

“I’m not certain of the date that the registrar of voters is required to have promulgated the votes, but once that’s done, an election takes place on the third Saturday after that and that would be Jan. 14 we would have the runoff election for that one precinct in turkey creek.” Deshotel said.

Deshotel said this has not happened in the 11 years he’s been with the clerk of courts but if it does happen again they will seek the secretary of state’s guidance.

“Well should it happen again, we depend on the secretary of state’s office to direct us,” Deshotel said.

Both candidates will continue to campaign until another run-off election in Jan.

Until then, the Secretary of State’s office says the town hall will determine how duties are handled until a mayor is chosen.