EVANGELINE PARISH, La (KLFY) — Multiple videos have been shared online in which deputies with the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office are seen abusing inmates.

In the videos inmates can be seen being slapped, slammed on a desk, choked and maced.

A concerned woman whose son is an inmate at the jail and wishes to remain anonymous says she is worried for his safety. She says her son first told her about inmates being mistreated back in 2020 and when she asked about the mistreatment, she was told by officers that wasn’t happening.

“They told me everything that my son had told me was inaccurate. So, I asked him about the video camera that’s in there and he had told me that it wasn’t working,” said the mother.

Evangeline Parish Sheriff Charles Guillory says he was made aware of the videos when Louisiana State Police opened the investigation last week.

“State police came to me a few days ago and showed me the video briefly saying they were investigating one of my officers,” said Guillory.

The mother said when she saw the videos, she was heartbroken.

“As a mother I was very disappointed. I had tears. He’s human just like everybody else. I don’t care what situation he was in, he’s human,” she said.

She says no one has spoken out about it due to fear of retaliation and she says she would like to see action taken and the people involved held accountable.

“You know you can’t push them to reach out because it’s like they’re so afraid you know things gone happen to them in there,” the mother added.

Guillory said the incidents shown in the videos took place prior to his taking office three years ago, but he is doing what is necessary while the investigation is underway.

“But since that time that I’ve been made aware, that particular officer has been suspended without pay,” said Guillory.

State Police have confirmed they are investigating the matter.