VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) — Evangeline Parish officials have placed a metal detector at Ville Platte High and have ordered more to be placed at schools throughout the parish as part of an initiative they are implementing to upgrade safety around schools.

Sheriff Charles Guillory says he met with the Ville Platte police chief last week.

“The chief of Ville Platte, Neal Lartigue and my office got together and what we came up with was actually just started this morning at Ville Platte high school. We went to the school and decided to check the students to see if there was any kind of contraband that would be brought into the school.”

Guillory said the procedure was done using metal detectors to ensure no weapon is brought into the school.

“No hands-on search will be conducted unless the detector alerts,” Guillory said.

He says Monday’s use of the metal detector was without fail.

“It was conducted very orderly with no incidents and thankfully no contraband was found, so I give it an A+.”

Guillory says this security measure will be taken throughout the school year at all schools in the parish thanks to communication between officers and school principals.

“That is going to be done throughout the parish. So we will get with the school principals and try to implement this on a regular basis. It won’t be every day but every once in a while we will visit the schools and show a presence to tell everyone we want our schools safe and our community safe. Hopefully that deter anybody that has any idea of bringing anything to school and hopefully that never happens.”

More police presence at school is also an effort from law officials and Schools Superintendent Darwan Lazard to improve the relationship between students and police.

“The Superintendent even said that if a police officer wants to go eat breakfast or lunch they can, free of charge. That way they can interact with the students, and that’s very important today.”