MAMOU, La. (KLFY) — The mission to keep illegal drugs off the streets of Evangeline Parish continues thanks to teamwork between the sheriff’s department and Mamou police.

“We got a tip that they were dealing illegal narcotics out of that residence on Railroad Avenue in Mamou. We contacted the Mamou police department to assist us in the investigation, and that’s when we actually did a joint operation to hit that house,” Evangeline Parish Sheriff Charles Guillory said.

The residence is within the Mamou High School school zone and the tip came in the same week that Evangeline Parish law enforcement agencies teamed up to perform security checks at all schools during random days of the school year.

This way, he says, law enforcement is putting more emphasis on school safety.

“We are trying to keep drug dealers away from our schools and our children. We do have assistance and aid from other police departments within the parish so we want to include them also,” Guillory said.

He credits the teamwork between sheriffs and Mamou police for making arrests like this possible and faster with increased surveillance and manpower.

The operation resulted in the arrest of Meione Edwards, with charges of possession of over 17 grams of crack cocaine, over 33 grams of fentanyl, and over 8 pounds of marijuana all with the intent to distribute and all within a school zone.

“With their help, it just adds more staff that we can utilize in the search of a residence. We can do surveillance that adds also to a drug bust. The more we do our homework, the better it is because I want that case to stick and find them guilty.”

And with the case still under investigation, Sheriff Guillory believes more arrests are still to be made.