VILLE PLATTE, La (KLFY) — State Senator Heather Cloud (R-Turkey Creek) is calling for less restrictive legislation for officers following the death of a Ville Platte deputy.

Cloud released a statement with her condolences for fallen Deputy Marshall Giglio who lost his life in the line of duty on July 31. Cloud said, “a tough-on-crime approach is necessary to protect our citizens and preserve the fabric of our society.”

She is calling for increased funding and support for law enforcement agencies to enhance their resources and capabilities. Cloud supports legislation that has tougher consequences for juvenile crime and believes it will act as a deterrent, safeguarding communities from further violence and crime.

“We must send a clear message that crime will not be tolerated in our state,” Cloud said. “By adopting a zero-tolerance approach and holding offenders accountable, we can break the cycle of criminal behavior and make our community safer for all.”

Cloud said “backing the blue” is not just a slogan.

“It is a commitment to supporting those who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe,” she said. “Our law enforcement officers need our unwavering support as they work tirelessly to uphold the law and protect us from harm.”