EVANGELINE PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Following an increase in school threats all over Acadiana, law enforcement shows students that these actions have consequences.

News 10 reached out to Evangeline Parish Sheriff, Charles Guillory, to talk about the increased threats.

“It’s becoming more prevalent and it is being more reported, especially in Acadiana. I think there’s an awareness after the school shooting in Uvalde that now they’re taking it more seriously, any kind of threat whether it be verbal or written, today you can’t take that chance,” stated Guillory.

He said many students put these threats on their social media platforms. With social media posts being able to reach across the internet, even a Facebook post can gain attention from police.

Sheriff Guillory expressed that by putting the threats on social media, students are gaining attention whether they want it or not, and this attention can land them in jail.

Guillory felt students should be aware of the consequences before sending threatening messages to schools.

He said “I really think children don’t know the consequences. By law enforcement taking it very serious, by schools taking it very serious, the students are now being arrested. So as the news spreads they’re going to start learning “We cant say this and we cant do that” so I’m hoping that’s what happens in this case today, that children will realize it’s very dangerous, we will not put up with it, and you will be arrested.”