VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) – A dwindling number of officers working inside the jail in Evangeline Parish is causing concern.

Sheriff Charles Guillory is looking for correctional officers. Guillory says he is interviewing at least twice a week to help alleviate the shortage of staff. “Hiring correctional officers is an ongoing process. It’s like a revolving door and very important to get good people,” adds Guillory. 

Recently, Sheriff Guillory admits to firing and arresting three of his correctional officers after they allegedly brought contraband into the jail. He says that opened the void even more, but he will not compromise quantity over quality. “If you don’t have good people, it is hard to hire them and retain them.”

Guillory says he is stepping up training for the officers. They will now attend one-week training versus on-the-job training. Guillory continues, “We want to give them tools. We are getting them mace certified and TASER certified.”

With new certifications come new roles and expectations. “Sometimes the assistant warden or warden can’t work. We have to fill the position,” Guillory says. 

The lack of correctional officers isn’t just affecting everyday jail operations and roles, Sheriff Guillory says his budget is taking a hit as well “The ones that are working, I have to pay overtime. I have to make it favorable for them to come to work on Saturdays. I’m short-handed,” Guillory explains.