VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) – Rising gas prices have become a major pain for consumers, but local law enforcement is feeling the sting as well. 

The pinch and pain at the pump are felt within the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Charles Guillory says at the going rate for fuel, it will cost his office $100,000 extra a year. “That is at the current price. If it goes up, the price is going to be higher,” Guillory explains. 

He says he did budget extra for the rising cost but is keeping his fingers crossed he doesn’t have to touch the “extra” money. Guillory adds, “We tighten the belt and see. We will cut back in other areas.”

At the moment, there have been no changes or restrictions on patrol. “We already do a zone type of patrol. I have an officer park and every once in a while, make a round or park at a different area,” adds Guillory. 

However, Sheriff Guillory says he is looking closely at his budget when it comes to hiring decisions. “You can imagine it cost $100,000 extra. That’s two officers,” explains Guillory. He says he is also asking his deputies to be smart about fueling up. He encourages them to find a cheaper pump and or price within reason.