VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY)–The family of the man shot and killed, along with a Ville Platte deputy marshal Monday night, remembered his life with a vigil. The vigil took place at the home where Deputy Marshal Barry Giglio and 64-year-old Sistrane Edwards lost their lives.

Edwards’ family and friends wrote messages to him and tied them on their balloons before releasing them into the sky.

“I just told him have my ready for when I go, and when I come, I’ll bring the beer,” Brannavon Ardain, a family friend, said.

“Love your family while they’re here because today, tomorrow, this second, isn’t promised,” Juanita Rodgers, Edwards’ cousin, added.

While family and friends remembered Edwards’ life, they also say they have unanswered questioned about what happened.

“We just want to know what happened. That’s all. So he can rest at peace, and we can be at peace,” Edwards’ sister said.

One thing they’d like to see is the body camera video from that night. They feel as if officials aren’t telling them everything.

“They know by law all of them are supposed to be on, and it wasn’t. We want the truth, and we’re going to get the truth because they lied. My brother is not here. They lied, so we want all the body cam footage. Everything, Everything,” another one of Edwards’ sister added.

While his untimely death was tragic, they want him to be remembered for who he was and not how he died.

“He was a very loving person. He cared about everybody. He was a good man. He deserves justice, no matter what. We want to know the truth what really happened to him,” Edwards’ daughter said.

“We want what’s right, no lies. Whatever they said, he never sold drugs. He was always a good person,” his other sister told News 10.

Edwards’ girlfriend, Cynthia Soileau, who was also shot Monday, is still fighting for her life in the ICU.