EVANGELINE PARISH (KLFY) – We’re learning more about Ville Platte Deputy Marshal Barry Giglio, who died in the line of duty Monday. Giglio was not just a man of the badge, but he was a man of the faith, making a difference in the lives of inmates in Evangeline Parish.

He worked for the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office for 15 years. During that time, he worked worked closely with a ministry at the parish jail, and the director of missions says Giglio is the one who made it all possible.

“The parish lost a very loyal law enforcement officer and a good, Christian man,” Tapas Sarma said. Sarma is the Director of Missions for James 2 Ministry, a Christian organization that works with inmates. He met Lieutenant Deputy Marshal Barry Giglio about two years ago when Sarma was bringing pizza to the inmates in the Evangeline Parish jail before their church service.

“Brother Barry was just an amazing human being,” Sarma said. The two men bonded instantly, and soon, Giglio, a deputy with the sheriff’s office at the time, became a huge part of the ministry’s success in the jail.

“He offered me anything we ever needed for the ministry. He had a barbecue pit. He said, ‘You can have it and use it for any kind of event you want.’ He would be walking with us going cell block to cell block. He would carry the box of Bibles with me. He would be making sure that we were able to connect with the inmates, anyone who wanted to be able to connect with Jesus Christ,” Sarma added.

He says because of Giglio’s help, inmates, ex-convicts and former atheists began reading the word. Giglio even had plans to build a chapel on the jail grounds.

“He has been so humble, so kind, extremely helpful, wanting to make sure that the safety of the inmates is the number one criteria and number two criteria, that we get to do the ministry and get to successfully communicate with the inmates,” Sarma told News 10.

He says he last spoke to Giglio about two months ago when he learned he’d left the sheriff’s office to work as a marshal in Ville Platte.

“We have enjoyed this fellowship. I am just very upset and hurt to know that he’s not with us anymore. I’m so sorry,” Sarma said. “I cannot imagine that he’s not with us anymore. I can’t believe it.”

While Giglio spent his last few months as a Ville Platte City Marshal, he made a lasting impact on many inmates. He even saved the life of an inmate who was attempting suicide back in 2018.