EVANGELINE PARISH, La. (KLFY) — After several Evangeline Parish residents have put the safety of their community at risk, Police Jury President Bryan Vidrine said the police jury is looking to ban the explosive combination of propane and Tannerite.

“One is explosive, and one is destructive,” Vidrine said. “There are people in our parish that entertain themselves by shooting Tannerite that is attached to propane bottles, and it causes quite a disturbance.”

Tannerite is an explosive powder that many use for target practice. Shooting Tannerite results in a small emplosion of smoke once the bullet hits the powder.

Vidrine said the issues began when residents tried to take the explosions to the next level by attaching it to propane bottles.

“When you put a piece of tannerite attached to a propane bottle and you shoot it, we’ve had people’s windows being rattled for six miles,” Vidrine said. “We don’t need that kind of disruption going on for amusement.”

Vidrine said the complaints about rattling windows and concerns about the noise have come from the same parts of the parish, dating back as far as 2015, and some residents living near plants and businesses mistake the explosions for real emergencies.

But with the right rules in place, they may finally stop.

“We know where it’s coming from, there’s just nothing on the books to prevent it,” Vidrine said.
“So this is so we can prevent it from occurring in the future, and part of the meeting is deciding what we want to see as the penalty.”

Vidrine said anyone caught using the explosive combination will be fined if the motion is approved at tonight’s police jury meeting.