EVANGELINE PARISH, La. (KLFY) – In Evangeline Parish, Sheriff Charles Guillory is sending a message to parents and children to watch out for narcotics that look like everyday snacks.

The discovery of these drugs followed four arrests made by the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office (EPSO), where they discovered MDMA ecstasy pressed and colored to look like candy. THC-based edibles designed to look like sour candies and potato chips were also found, with some of the packages being delivered in the mail from California.

Sheriff Guillory warns parents of the dangers of children consuming any THC-laced candies.

Guillory told News 10, “If you leave this laying around, children don’t know, they can’t read. So all they see is candy and they’re going to eat it and possibly get sick or die, and that’s not good.”

Guillory also urges parents to check candy wrappers and packages before allowing children to eat them, especially with the upcoming Halloween holiday.

“I would recommend to parents please please be very cautious, Halloween is coming around, so please inspect each packaging very very carefully. If anything is open, throw it away. Look at the packaging and see what’s on there because the packages that we have seen all have THC written on the back,” Guillory said.

Sheriff Guillory also said that he is meeting with representatives, and his hope is to increase the charges if drugs are found that can appeal to children.