EVANGELINE PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Evangeline Parish is seeing a slight uptick in catalytic converter thefts and investigations by the sheriff’s office in just the last week or so. 

Ms. Frances Washington says she had plans to go away for a weekend and enjoy her RV. However, just a few days ago, she says while changing a tire and getting ready for her trip, she noticed her RV making a loud noise. It was then discovered her catalytic converter was stolen, costing her thousands of dollars to replace. “I’m highly upset about it because what mine is mine,” Washington continues. 

She has owned her RV for over five years and only took it out Memorial Day weekend for a trip with her family but now Fourth of July plans are on hold. Washington adds, “I started it off Sunday and my nephew fixed my tire. I started it up, to pull it to check for a nail and it made this loud noise. He told me to cut it off because someone had stolen my catalytic converter.”

Washington says she has not had any problems with the RV before now. She says she paid over $30,000 for it and it’s going to cost her over $3,000 to fix it. Washington explains, “I got an estimate, took it to the shop. It is going to cost me like $3,000 for that. The insurance only gave me like $200.”

Evangeline Parish Sheriff Charles Guillory admits there was a rash of thefts a few weeks ago but says his department worked to bring it under control. They are getting more calls about missing catalytic converters. Guillory says, “It went to none being stolen, to just recently in the last ten days, five were stolen. It is starting up again,” adds Guillory. 

The sheriff urges anyone with any information about the thefts or if you feel like you have fallen victim to call his office immediately.