EVANGELINE PARISH, La. (KLFY) If you’re looking to spice up your love life with an outdoor experience, there’s a new spot for swingers opening in Mamou.

It’s called Tee Boi’s Swinger Trailer Park, and it’s gaining attention as it’s getting ready to swing into southern Louisiana.

Their motto… ‘Bring your house and share your spouse.’

“You can come to Mamou for many good things. This will be one of them,” David Aucoin said. 

Aucoin is the man behind Tee Boi’s Swingers Trailer Park.

He’s opening it for couples into swinging, and he says the swinger community is surprisingly bigger than you may think.

“It’s bigger than most will know,” Aucoin said. 

“Live free and don’t be scared of it. There’s a big community of it. I think a bunch of them aren’t shy. The ones that are shy, hell with them. Roll with it. It’s a good thing compared to most things.”

Since putting up the sign where the swinger park will be, Aucoin says he’s gotten calls from swingers across the country.

“We have got some from Pennsylvania, we have got some from Arkansas, of course all around Acadiana, all around Mamou, Ville Platte, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Slidell. We have text messages from all over the country. It’s mind boggling,” he said. 

He says they’re getting so many calls, they can barely keep up with them.

“Most of them call or text just to see if it’s real, just to see if somebody is going to answer because they’ll say, ‘Oh, no. Nobody is there. It’s not a real number.’ Or they’ll get on Facebook and say, ‘Oh, it’s not a real number.”  

“I got on there and said, ‘I’d be a fat frog’s butt if it’s not a real number.’ Everybody starts calling, and they start calling, ‘Hey, what’s y’all’s address? Is this in Mamou? Where is this at?’ Yes, it is.”

The sign for this swingers’ community says you have to send a picture of your spouse for approval, but Aucoin says that’s just a joke. 

“That was more of a joke to kind of ease up the people and just to create a vibe. People went further with it than you can imagine. We’ve gotten many pictures and many phone calls and many texts, voicemails. It’s unreal,” he said. 

Aucoin says he has one message for the haters. 

“Sucks to be them. There’s no reason to get mad at anybody for their preference. They’re not out here hurting nobody. Nobody is selling drugs here. People just want to have a good time, enjoy themselves the way they want to. That’s perfectly what it is.”

Aucoin says the grand opening for Tee Boi’s Swinger Trailer Park is set for memorial weekend of 2022. 

When it’s finished, the site will have a nude pool, a nude yoga stadium, a strip poker hall, and a key party cabana. He says you’ll have to look up a key party to find out what that one is. 

Aucoin also says you can choose to live at the trailer park, but he’s designed it to operate more like a campground where swingers can come for “party-themed weekends.”