MAMOU, La. (KLFY)–The town of Mamou is on high alert after three homes were burned down on Mulberry and East Street.

At midnight last night, the Mamou Fire Department responded to a house fire. Upon their arrival, the department noticed multiple homes on fire, and it took at least 25 firefighters to extinguish the flames. Firefighters remained on the scene until 3 a.m.

Joseph Thomas, one of the owners of the burned houses, said he received a call from his nephew that his house was in flames.

“I got the call at 3 this morning from my nephew Terrence Thomas,” Thomas said. “He called me and told me that my house was on fire. He came and picked me up, and when I got at the scene, the house was inflamed. It was just burning.”

Thomas said it was heart-breaking to see his home engulfed in flames especially after the work he and his family have done to keep it together.

“I really felt some type of way about it when I seen all the hard work that my wife, and I put into this house,” Thomas said. “Its a tragedy to see how it all got burned down.”

Thomas said the suspect should be brought to justice for his crimes and sends his heart out to the other families that also lost their homes.

“I think he should be punished for what he done,” Thomas said. “I don’t think its fair to nobody. They had two or three more houses burnt the same time as my house burnt. I just feel like my condolences go out to the other families that lost their home. I hope someone will reach out to them the same they did to us.”

Mamou Fire Chief, Garry Reed, said they have found what started the fire and are looking for the suspect who committed the crime.

“We found good evidence in the house of some kind of accelerant. We interviewed neighbors. We searched cameras on homes in the area, and the evidence is good. Right now, we are looking for a possible arsonist.”

Reed said the fires that took place are still under investigation.