EVANGELINE PARISH, La. (KLFY) –An Evangeline Parish School Board member is accused of slinging racial slurs and threats toward another member.

And now, the target of that alleged episode wants that board member to step down.

Arthur Sampson, Jr. of Ville Platte is a long time community advocate known for speaking his mind.

Sampson says at a recent Evangeline Parish School Board workshop public meeting, he asked a question and a school board member threatened him and used a racial slur.

The school board workshop was about drawing district lines.

Sampson says he requested more minorities to be added to a district that’s been historically minority driven.

He explains he asked board members to speak up including board member Ellis Guillory.

“I said Mr. Guillory, come on man. You used to be the vice president of the NAACP.” He says “That’s when Mr. Guillory got up and started shouting and calling me a n-word.”

Sampson states Guillory even threatened him.

“He must have said it about 10 times.  I’m going to hurt you n-word, and out loud.”

One board member who requested to not go on camera says she was present at the meeting.  

“He said come on Mr. Lazard, I respect you too. Come on you all, say something.  Ellis say something and that’s when Ellis just went off,” the board member stated.

Evangeline Parish resident Donald Anderson says he was shocked by the outburst and response.

“I’m sitting in this meeting. I mean this dude is doing this eleven times where you had some of the school board members laughing and nobody tried to stop him,” Anderson said.

Sampson says he filed a statement with police.

The police chief confirms his department is looking into an incident that took place at the board meeting.

“Our black leaders would have been targeting him and attacking him telling him to step down,” Sampson noted.

Also Sampson says he wants the governor to step-in as he did in the recent case of Judge Odinet accused of using a racial slur.