The State Fire Marshal’s Office suspects the fire started because of one of the AC units in the classroom.

Now there are some school buildings in St. Landry Parish that are nearly a century old, and with that comes some outdated appliances.

The State Fire Marshall says annual checkups are all part of preventing this and keeping children safe.

State Fire Marshall Butch Browning says the office offers yearly life safety inspections to make sure everything is up to par.

“Which would verify the exits are working, the fire systems are properly serviced,” says Browning.

He says these evaluations include cover equipment ranging from air conditioning units to coffee makers.

While at the same time, looking into the past of those products.

“To make sure there are no product recalls, there are no product bulletins. Those things are very helpful in the prevention process,” says Browning.

The State Fire Marshall’s office also encourages monthly inspections.

According to Principal Mary Dupre, that is a focus for Eunice Elementary.

“Custodians do monthly checks, monthly cleanings of the units in the classrooms and anything, any issues we ever have are reported to central office,” says Dupre.

That was evident when a custodian discovered the fire while he was opening the building on Tuesday morning.

This happened before school hours but if students were in the building, Dupre says they would have known what to do because they’ve been over it.

“Evacuations where classes go to certain spots and then whenever we are in meetings we talk about where would you go if you normally evacuate near the cafeteria and if the cafeteria is on fire certainly you are going to realize to take your class elsewhere,” says Dupre.

The school announced there will not be classes held on Thursday either.