Erath Police Chief seeking funds for additional officer


Erath’s Police Chief says she is limited on officers because of city funding. 

Chief Anna LaPointe says her department is fully staffed according to what her budget allows her to have as far as officers, but she’s hoping to get more funding for an additional officer. 

“I would just like an extra officer at least during the day. That would be a great help if we had one more officer during the day,” explains Chief LaPointe. “I know we’re a small community and the funding to pay for extra employees is very difficult so if we could provide just one officer during the day would be a tremendous help.” 

News Ten reports, “When you mean one officer a day, patrolling the streets, doing school resource traffic? 

“Everything. The same thing my other officers do. That officer would be responsible to do the same thing every other officer does. It just makes it easier because I can have one officer on one street, another officer on another street. We can double the work that we do now just with one officer,” Chief LaPointe adds. 

Chief LaPointe plans to meet with other town officials to discuss the town’s budget to see if they can make some changes and possibly add a seventh officer. 

“I get grants to where it doesn’t take out of funding from the town of Erath so I do have camera systems set up around town to help with that also to help with that extra security for our community. I have cameras set up in the city park,” says Chief LaPointe. 

“Council and mayor… once they see that there is a need for that we can discuss it. I’m always here for extra ideas,” explains Chief LaPointe. “If they have extra ideas to put forth on the table that we can maybe address to see how we can get the funding.” 

Chief LaPointe adds there’s a necessity to have that additional officer during the day to help out with daytime traffic control as well as school activities that they participate in. 

Chief LaPointe says she hopes to meet with the mayor and council after election day.

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