NEVADA (KLFY) – Grammy-award-winning Louisiana musician Terrance Simien and his band fell victim to a theft crime in Nevada. Their trailer carrying more than $15,000 worth of equipment was stolen from their hotel parking lot.

The Zydeco Experience group was on tour and had to cancel. He says after 41 years in the industry, having their equipment stolen has never happened to them before. “It was a shock, you know. It was a shock to all the other guys in the band and me. I’ve been touring since 1985, and nothing like this has ever happened since that period,” said Terrance Simien.

Terrance Simien, the leader of The Zydeco Experience, says it was a rough weekend for the band. “Our trailer was connected to our van, and the next morning when we woke up, it was gone with all of our musical equipment,” said Simien. He says they met with police but have no leads yet.

“We hope that maybe by some miracle that they might find it and things will be intact, but more than likely it’s gone forever,” he said.

“Terrance is always a given person. He’s a person that’s always there for everybody. If you got a benefit dinner, Terrance is there. It’s not about the money for Terrance. He’s always showing up and saying, hey, what can I do to help somebody. So whatever we can do to help Terrance, we’re here for you, my brother. I love you; we’re here for you,” said Anthony Dopsie, an artist of Rockin’ Dopsie Zydeco Band.

“It’s actually heartbreaking to hear that, especially for someone of his stature. Mr. Terrance has been in the music industry for so long, and it’s opened many pathways for artists like myself. It’s very heartbreaking to hear of something of that nature,” said Nathan Williams Jr., an artist of Lil’ Nate & The Zydeco Big Timers.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help.