LOUISIANA (KLFY) –  As another utility bill is getting ready to hit mailboxes in Acadiana, Entergy says they are going to help some of their customers.

Louisiana President and CEO of Entegy Phillip May says he’s heard from the customers and he knows they are seeing higher bills. “This is not just an Entergy Louisiana problem, it is a national problem. We are working to keep our customers’ bills low.”

May explains the two factors causing customer’s bills to increase are record usages and very high natural gas prices. “We’re seeing record usage in terms of electricity. We set a record in Louisiana toward the end of June, and we continue to see high usage today,” he said. “We have seen a dramatic rise in natural gas prices, and since we use natural gas to power our generator, that fuel cost is being passed on to consumers.” 

Entergy is working to help its customers. One way is by the company committing $10 million in shareholder donations applied to all Entergy utilities for bill payment assistance programs for residential customers, including ‘The Power to Care’ fund. The fund is specifically designed for the elderly, disabled, and low-income customers. However May said they are looking at how they can expand assistance to a larger group of customers. “We’re going to waive late fees for eligible customers. We’re going to waive credit card fees and we’re going to be coming into neighborhoods to help customers with weatherization and those kinds of programs,” said May. “We can set up defer payment plans so you can stretch those higher bills over longer periods of time. If you call us and work with us we will not disconnect your power as long as you make an attempt to pay.” 

The CEO said Entergy Louisiana has been one of the lowest-cost utilities in the US for decades. “We’re doing things like buying the lowest cost power available. In fact, in Louisiana, a quarter of the power that we provide we purchase from sources that are more economical so that we can keep our bills low,” says May.

If you need assistance with your bill call 1-800-ENTERGY or visit their website for my infomation.