LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Acadian Ambulance Service, a local company founded over 50 years ago, is still growing and looking for people interested in an exciting career. 

According to a survey by the American Ambulance Association, the turnover among paramedics and EMTs ranges from 20% to 30% annually, resulting in an unsustainable 100%  turnover every four years.

Although Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is experiencing a staffing shortage throughout the country, Acadian Companies has found a way to recruit and train people who are passionate about helping others. 

Scott Saunier, Operation Manager for National EMS Academy and Acadian Companies said, “we’re pretty fortunate here. We’ve been here for a long time, although I don’t think there’s an industry that doesn’t have an issue. So, our people are being asked to work overtime and things like that. Some companies, thought have not been successful as we have in filling staffing.”

Saunier who has been in working in the industry since 1989 said it is an exciting field to get into because they challenge people to come on board and continue their careers. In addition to having an ambulance company and a large training academy he said it has helped hire more recruits. 

“We are, I think, ahead of the game as it goes within the industry. So we’ve been able to actually fill positions and recruit people. This year alone, I think we recruited two thousand or close to that number.” 

While looking for certified people is the goal, Acadian Ambulance is open to hiring people looking for a new interest as well. 

“We’ll train them. Start them out, put them on an ambulance and then continue their education as long as they want to continue. We affiliate with colleges so they can get college credit and continue their careers that way,” he said.

Saunier believes that starting as an EMT is a great launchpad for a career in healthcare if there are potential applicants interested in making the switch. The growth opportunities expand beyond an ambulance.

Acadian Ambulance is open to providing education not only for future Acadian Employees but also to support the EMS community as a whole throughout the state. They are hiring throughout their coverage areas, such as Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

For more information on how to enter the EMS industry and become an Acadian Companies team member, go to