(KLFY) – The family of missing Scott woman Ella Goodie is now searching for another family member whose disappearance comes almost one year after Goodie was first reported missing.

She still hasn’t been found and her family is now forced to relive these memories, as they search for 33-year-old Rakim Celestine.

“When you lose somebody and you can never get closure to find out where they person is, your mind will always wonder. You’ll never be the same,” Rakim’s mother Eva Celestine said.

Celestine watched Ella Goodie grow up then watched as her missing persons case turned into a homicide investigation. A man was announced as a person of interest and arrested on unrelated charges, though never charged in Goodie’s case. As Rakim’s mom watched Goodie’s case go cold, she fears the same will happen to her son.

“It’s going to be a year on the 9th, and they haven’t even found her yet. So do you know how I’m thinking?” Celestine asked.

She said that she last spoke to her son, 33-year-old Rakim Celestine, on February 7. He was living at an apartment he shared in Dallas with his girlfriend. His mother also said that Rakim had recently received a large cash settlement in a court battle with men who allegedly stole from him and beat him.

Six days after Celestine last spoke to her son, she was in Dallas herself, filing a missing persons report with Dallas police. She said that both of his vehicles are also missing.

It has now been almost a month. She said that police have no leads, and she’s no closer to finding him, though she has started her own investigation into his disappearance.

She told News 10 that she pinged his cell phone herself with the help of a friend in the information technology field, and his phone pinged just outside of San Antonio on February 23. Her calls to him, however, go unanswered.

“Rakim, call your mama. Call your mama, please. I need to hear from you and make sure you are okay,” she called out to him through her tears, hoping he’ll hear the message.

Ella Goodie’s cousin, Myra Celestine, said that she feels like she’s reliving Goodie’s disappearance, as her last known location was also Texas.

“It’s just a hurting feeling to have two close family members missing, both from Louisiana. They’re out there somewhere in Texas,” Myra added.

Rakim’s mother also said that she talked to her son every day before his disappearance and just wants to know if he’s okay.

“Sometimes he’ll just put the video on to let me see he’s playing my kind of music, dancing in the living room with two left feet with a big ole’ smile on his face. I’m never going to see that again if I can’t find him,” she said.

News 10 did reach out to Dallas police about Rakim’s disappearance. A spokesperson said that a detective has been assigned to his missing persons case, and the investigation remains open.