CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) — A Carencro woman is in need of the communities help after the home she lived in for 50 years was damaged in a fire.

Joyce Goodie, 69, lived on Raceway St. in her home for almost 50 years and now is in need of the community’s help after a fire near her carport and shed started damaging everything. 

“I’m losing everything I had. I worked so hard for. I lost it all in one split second,” said Goodie. 

She said after she got off of work and went to cook some chicken in her oven. It was while inside her home she heard a noise and said she went to investigate it. 

“All of a sudden, I started hearing a noise, and then I went I checked my chicken. It wasn’t my chicken. So I went to the back part of the house, and I didn’t hear the noise,” Goodie said. “So when I got back to my kitchen, I heard the noise again, then I peeked out the window, and that’s when I saw the fire.” 

She said the fire started near the carport area next to her little shed and spread to the house.

She recalled her neighbor running down the street, calling for her to get out of the house because it was on fire. 

Goodie said the Carencro Fire Department could not state what caused the fire, News Ten reached out but never got a response. 

The family said Goodie has no home insurance. 

“I want to rebuild and see if I can get my house back because there’s no place like home,” said Goodie.

You can help Goodie reach her goal of $130,000 by sending donations to her gofundme account