E-Scooter deadline: When will they disappear?


Earlier this week, Mayor-President Joel Robideaux sent both companies a letter requesting a “voluntary pause in operations”.

Both companies agreed, but the scooters are still operating.

So what is the future of Lime and Bird scooters in Downtown Lafayette? 

According to LCG officials, the scooters must be off the streets come Monday morning. 

Cydra Wingerter with LCG told News 10 both companies agreed on the deadline. She adds that if Bird and Lime don’t follow through, the city will have to take action.

However, LCG is hopeful that the companies will keep their end of the bargain.

“They have both been great partners all along. I think that as we move forward, Lafayette being the pilot for the program for the entire state, I think they’re really wanting to set a great example for how other communities can embrace these scooters with the right regulations and making sure everybody is safe,” said Wingerter.

When Robideuax first sent out the letter, his office explained that the suspension is meant to offer time for improved state legislation on alternative transportation so the scooters can come back to Lafayette.

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