Duson Police holding gun awareness training for educators Wednesday at Duson Elementary

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Officers with the Duson Police Department will be hosting awareness training on Wednesday, May 23rd at Duson Elementary School.

The training begins at 1:30 p.m. with officers safely discharging several gunshots using blank rounds in order to familiarize educators with the sounds and smell of gunshots, so that they can become aware and recognize danger and to compare this sound to other like noises such as vehicle backfire or transformer malfunctions. 

Chief Kip Judice says the training is expected to last an hour and neighbors, area law enforcement, Central Office Personnel of LPSS and media will be notified of when it begins.

Additionally, signage marked “POLICE TRAINING IN PROGESS” will be placed on the perimeters and at every entrance of the school.

Chief Judice says there will be no students on campus since the last day of the school year is Tuesday, and this training is designed for educators and administrators only. 

Any concerns should be directed to Chief Kip Judice directly by calling (337) 277-2108. 

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