LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Immediate closure of the Buchanan Street Garage has been deemed necessary following a structural reassessment, Lafayette Consolidated Government said today.

The engineers who conducted the inspection recommended the closure “in the interest of public safety.”

 Vehicles will not be permitted in Buchanan Street Garage until further notice.

 Members of the public who would otherwise park in the Buchanan Street Garage will be redirected to park at the Vermilion Street Parking Garage located at 121 E. Vermilion St. or at available on-street parking spaces. Additionally, the City Hall overflow lot located at 100 Hamilton Place (behind A-Net’s Bridal and Johnson’s Boucaniere) is available for public parking.

Provisional parking arrangements are being made for employees working in the Parish Courthouse who currently park in the Buchanan Street Garage.

The Buchanan Street Garage closure is indefinite, and a plan to address the safety issues is underway.