Did you know Rayne bullfrogs were shot into space?


It was on the cover of the Rayne Acadian Tribune.

On October 21st of 1970, 4 of Rayne’s largest and finest Acadian bullfrogs took a leap of a lifetime at the NASA Wallops Island Station in Virginia.

The Frogs were sent to space because apparently, they have the same ears as humans, and were there to conduct important research which contributed to the safety of future men in space and pilots of aircraft flying in a weightless situation at high altitudes.

Prior to the launch microelectrodes were planted in the nerve of each four frogs, then they were sealed inside inner cylinders for the flight. 

Then Congressman Edwin Edwards played a crucial role in getting the frogs recognized by NASA. 

This mission conducted both basic and applied research to determine the manner in which the vestibular organs of man function both on earth and in the space environment.

As this was one small leap for frogs, and a giant leap for Rayne, getting national attention for being the Frog Capital of the World. 

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