Dial Dalfred: Parking scams during Festival International


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – It’s day two of Festival International, and while the event is free, everyone wants to be as close as possible to the action if some folks are willing to pay a few extra dollars to do so.

Only this time what appeared to be a good deal ended up costing much more than they bargained for.

On opening night of the Alexis family came all the way from Abbeville to hear some live music and thought they hit the jackpot when finding five dollar parking just around the corner from the main stage.

“When he returned back to the vehicle after watching Keith Frank there were no vehicles there in the lot,” recalls Jessica Alexis.

R and R towing company has a contract with the property owner to tow any vehicles parked in the lot without the owners’ consent.

The Alexis family ended up paying more than 350 bucks for two days of storage plus towing fees after paying $5 to park.

“We are just warning everyone to be careful of the scams that’s going on,” says Alexis.

Festival international executive director Scott Feehan says there is $10 parking and free shuttle service available at Cajun Field.

“Plenty of parking there, accessible parking. we have festival shuttles that bring you straight to the festival and bring you straight back. it’s secure out there and available all during festival hours,” Feehan says.

News 10 spoke with another couple who was towed from the same lot who say they plan to get their towing fees and parking charge reimbursed from the woman who told them it was safe to park.

R&R Towing says they had no knowledge of someone charging people to park in the restricted lot.

If there’s an ongoing issue in your neighborhood or community, email dialdalfred@klfy.com.

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