IOTA, La. (KLFY)- A teenager is in custody tonight in connection with threats made against three schools in the town of Iota.
Students at those schools had a four day weekend when administrators closed school Thursday and Friday because of social media threats.

Iota Police Chief Damon Daigle said the department worked with State Police and the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Department to develop a suspect through the use of IP addresses.

“(We) were able to narrow down the actual user of the account and that culminated today into an arrest of a 14-year-old,” Daigle said.

Almost a week’s-long investigation into threats made toward Iota Elementary, middle and high schools led to the arrest of a teen who police say is a student at Iota Middle School.
He is allegedly responsible for posting threats on Snapchat and Instagram.

Iota Police Chief Damon Daigle says he is facing four counts of terrorism and one count of a bomb threat.

“State Police Intel was able to come in and bring us assistance with the electronics part of it. The downloading of cell phones, the tablets, all the computer communication systems,” explained Daigle.

The police chief has a message for parents: “The (suspect’s) parents didn’t know the child even had Snapchat. You’re not being a bully. You’re not being ‘big brother.’ Monitor your children’s social media,” Daigle said.

Authorities gave the all-clear, saying the schools are safe from the threats.
Police will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional security.