Deputies with the St. Martin Parish Sheriffs Office worked to clean trash Wednesday in the Atchafalaya Basin.

They tell News Ten the litter was left behind by protesters opposing the construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. 

Pictures show trash left behind.  

“You do have the right to protest but you do not have the right to break the law. You cannot liter. We are asking protesters to please maintain the trash, and clean up so it doesn’t end up in water,” says Major Ginny Higgins with the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office.   

The land the protesters were staying on belongs to the state. They were not forcibly removed from the site. Deputies say the group moved to another camp site closer to the current construction.

Major Higgins says after finding the trash the sheriff’s department did ask the protestors to pick it up.” When we came out to check yesterday the majority of the trash had been removed but there was just some bits left over, and there are still some things in the water we’re gonna have to come back and pick up.”

Groups of 10-15 protesters are still camping along the basin on private property owned by over 100 multiple heirs.

“The concern has always been their safety, as well as the safety of the public. We are getting ready to go into hunting season. We want to make sure that they are wearing orange. This is a very popular area for hunting in the fall and we want them to be safe, that’s the main thing.”