Customers want money back in dispute over home loan program in Lafayette


A home buying program in Lafayette is under the microscope, after several complaints from people who say they were promised a new house, but never got one. News 10 found several complaints of the program taking thousands of dollars in upfront costs, and not refunding the money.

A complaint has been filed with Lafayette police, others with the Better Business Bureau, against Stay Ready Consulting.

Ann Mouton says she and her husband contacted the company in December about getting a loan to build a home. She says they were approved for $175,000 through a company called Jordan Thomas Financial Services. That company is based in Houston, but has been doing business in Lafayette as well. Mouton says she paid the company $2,000 up front, but to this day no work has been done.

“I was so happy about it, but after seeing the red flags it needed to be addressed,” said Mouton.

Tyja Arceneaux says she thought says she was approved for a loan to have a new house built, after paying nearly $3,000 in fees.

“I’m very hurt. I’m sad. I don’t know what to tell my kids,” said Arceneaux. “My kids were thinking we were about to get a brand new house. There’s no house. Where’s our house?”

Nicole Clark also put money up front. She was told she qualified for a $150,000 loan to build a new house.

“I think this is a scam, and I do think they need to go to jail,” said Clark.

Clark filed a complaint against Stay Ready Consulting with the Better Business Bureau. Tyesha Glover filed one too. She accused the company of lying several times after being told she was approved for a home loan. She paid $4,000 up front.

The company responded to the BBB, saying the company is not a lending institution and does not offer home loans, and the company has no affiliation with Jordan Thomas Financial Services. However, the company was subleasing office space within the same building.

Tiffany Cahee runs Stay Ready Consulting. Contrary to what she told the BBB, she tells News 10 she was she was an employee for Jordan Thomas Financial Services.

“I don’t own that financial institution. I was only a worker there,” said Cahee. “I was processing. Processing means take in application, giving their income documentation. Once they talked to the broker, getting their contract signed, getting their deposit for their contract.”

Cahee she says this situation is one big misunderstanding.

“He’s willing to resolve the issues, but there’s policies and procedures to doing that.”

All the people News 10 spoke with in this story asked for their money back. Cahee says the customers will get their money back, but she couldn’t say when that will happen.

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