Crowley’s animal control officer resigns amid controversy at shelter


CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — The animal control officer for the city of Crowley resigned today after a recording of a meeting was made available to KLFY.

​Chad Hargrave tells News 10 that the mayor accused him of releasing the audio and being insubordinate. ​

​This controversy began following a Facebook post by an animal rescue organization. The mayor has said the post is based on rumors, so we decided to investigate.​

​”He just said my boss… He didn’t say a name… He just said this is what we’re doing.”​

​It began Tuesday morning. Jenny Guidry works to rescue animals from kill shelters. She’s referencing a conversation she had with animal control officer Chad Hargrave. ​

​Later that day, animal advocate Jamie Amie spoke with the mayor.​

​”On the phone call he told me, ‘I completely understand you are upset, we want to work with the rescues and I can see why. I understand putting a dog down solely for food purposes is unacceptable. And we want to work with you but we also want to follow our laws.'”​

​The ladies constructed the facebook post Tuesday afternoon for fear that the dogs would, in fact, be euthanized, a directive that had been handed down that morning by, Tony Duhon, the person who oversees animal control.​

​”I called him this morning stating put down 10 days. Put down.” ​

​That statement was made at a meeting Tuesday afternoon regarding expenses incurred by the Crowley Animal Shelter, including dog food.​

“Just in one item I had a concern about was the food,” said Duhon on the recording. “Because we kill dogs after ten days. We are not a no kill shelter, and you won’t have an excess of expenses if  you follow the way the shelter was set up,” said city bookkeeper Sarah Fontenot in that same meeting.​

​Guidry and Amie tell us, historically, the shelter held the dogs so they could find them homes after the hold expired.​

​”I’ve read the ordinance, we know the ordinance. It’s mandatory ten day hold and if you are going to euthanize them at ten days, then we can’t get them adopted and we can’t get them to rescue.”​

​Mayor Monceaux met Thursday with an animal rescue in Rayne who has agreed to take over operations of the shelter. Amie and Guidry say he has never approached them about that option.​

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