Crowley officials consider installing cameras in ‘high-crime’ areas


CROWLEY, La. (KLFY)- In Acadia Parish, Crowley city leaders are looking into installing cameras throughout the city and License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras.

“We’re looking at different systems as well as different cameras,” Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard said. “Some of the cameras are going to be live-feed cameras which will be in different sections of the city.”

If the city council approves this measure, cameras will be installed in “high crime rate” areas.
Chief Broussard said he considers those areas to be where police have seen multiple crimes happen.
“I applaud our city council for taking this on,” explained Broussard. “I think it’s needed, and I applaud them for taking the bull by the horn, and going forward with it because we can’t do everything, but it shows that they’re really involved in their community.”

Along with the possibility of cameras being installed in the city, the council is looking at License Plate Reader cameras on major thoroughfares, including Interstate 10, Highway 13 and Highway 90.

“We’ll catch the license plate of a particular vehicle so if we have one that’s going onto the interstate a few minutes after let’s just say a homicide takes place then that gives us a person of interest,”the chief added.

For Broussard, these new tools will add to his arsenal to help fight crime. 

“Anything that can help today that we can use in crime fighting. If we have something going on, we can look back,” said Chief Broussard. “We can even trace back the camera to see maybe if we can find a car at that time. It adds a lot to our crime fighting efforts.”

Alderwoman Kim Stringfellow and Alderman Clint Credeur are spearheading this proposal.
City officials don’t know when and if it will be approved. They’re still looking into the costs.
Broussard says if approved, the city will install 20-30 cameras in “high crime rates” areas.

Two monitors will be placed in the police department for surveillance.

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