Crowley church shooting leaves neighborhood shocked


Crowley Police say they still have no suspects in a weekend shooting at a double funeral. 

It happened at First Baptist Church on E 4th St. 

Residents who were home during the shooting that happened Saturday say they were shocked when shots rang out. They say this is a safe neighborhood and this has never happened there before. 

One resident who wished to remain anonymous, out of fear of retaliation, says she heard the noise and knew something was wrong. 

“It was at least 4,5 shots. The noises that I heard which I realized they were gunshots and that was an awful thing to be able to hear and put those two together knowing that that was gunshots and not just some other kind of noise.” 

Noise that shook the neighborhood causing fright and panic. 

News Ten reports, “What do you hope for the future as far as this neighborhood goes in particular to gun violence?” 

“This type of situation is so unnerving that it’s beyond time to stop. It’s beyond time to get this all settled and have this off the streets, out of the churches, out of the homes. There’s too much of this. We hear it all the time. It cannot stay like this. Not in our little town.” 

News Ten spoke to the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church and he says they lent out the church to the pastor of the family for their services at no cost. He says they will continue to do this in the future to serve the community.  

Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard says the victim is in serious but stable condition.

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