Crawfish may be bigger this year thanks to high water levels in the river


Crawfish may be bigger this year thanks to the high water levels in the river.  

Residents in Henderson are watching the water levels closely because there’s always the possibility of flooding. 

Sherbin Collette, mayor of Henderson, has been fishing his whole life.

He says the upcoming high water levels will help make the water quality better which means a better crawfish season. 

Pat’s in Henderson stays busy during crawfish season and the quality of the crawfish matter. 

“It does really good in crawfish season in Lent. They come eat the mudbugs. The better the crawfish are the bigger the crowds,” says Harvey Huval. 
The high water that’s coming, what that’s gonna do is put more water into the basin. They will have some areas, the backwater swamps we call, that the water will pass over the spill bank,” says Collette. 
He says that moving water makes for better quality water, which makes for better crawfish. 
“The last time people fished in some of that swamps that I know of was probably 2011. The last time we had real high water. Now those swamps haven’t been fished and the freshwater will get in. You will catch a bigger crawfish,” Collette explains
The crawfish may be small right now but just wait.
“You can wait and you’ll have a long crawfish season this year. Because high water like that, they will probably fish until July or August,” says Collette. 
The river could begin to crest by March 18th. If the levels continue to rise the Army Corp of Engineers may open the Morganza Spillway to ease water flow into the Atchafalaya. 
It’s important to keep an eye on the leaves for homeowners but all moving water will make the crawfish season better. 

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