LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Many football fans, coaches, former players, and other professionals have weighed in on the circumstances and life-saving measures taken on the football field Monday night to revive NFL Buffalo Bills’ Safety Damar Hamlin.

Medical professionals here in Lafayette say that the outcome could’ve been much different for Hamlin had CPR not been performed. CPR training expands beyond the game of football. Experts believe more people should be trained.

Ochsner Lafayette General Senior Vice President/ Chief Medical Officer Amanda Logue says people who suffer cardiac arrest, like Hamlin, and make it out of the hospital, survive because they either received CPR or were defibrillated or both.

“I recently had a situation where I had to give someone CPR at a soccer game. I don’t think the outcome would’ve been what it was if we didn’t have people who knew what they were doing present,” she told News Ten.

Dr. Logue says many people avoid stepping up to the challenge due to the fear having to perform mouth to mouth. However, performing something as simple as heart compressions until medical attention arrives is still enough to save a life.

Debbie Mamerow, an instructor at Safe and Secure CPR Training in Lafayette, says she’s been an instructor for over a decade and CPR has not failed yet.

“It’s a wonderful and simple technique that buys you time until medical professionals get there.”

Mamerow offers CPR training weekly. It is open to the public. She also offers online training.