Coronavirus: We asked Louisiana teachers how they’re coping and they miss their students terribly


(The Daily Advertiser) Louisiana students and teachers learned suddenly before dismissal on a Friday afternoon that schools would shut down for a month.

It was jarring news, and on top of all the questions — Would there be distance learning? What about meals? What happens with testing? — many educators were just plain sad.

“Oh my word, this is even harder than summer break,” said Jennifer Babineaux, a first-grade teacher at Broadmoor Elementary in Lafayette.

She described the initial feeling as something similar to mourning or grieving. She’s not alone. Blogs using the same descriptors have circulated on social media as teachers related and shared.

“The announcement was made during our last hour, which is my planning (hour), so I never got a chance to tell any of my babies goodbye,” said Lucie Mesuch, who is in her 29th year teaching middle school in Sulphur.

Taylor Wallace, a fourth-grade teacher at Woodvale Elementary in Lafayette, was out of town the last day of school, and her substitute called her at the end of the day to let the kids say goodbye on speakerphone.

“It made me so emotional to think that I wouldn’t see them for a while and even more that I couldn’t be there to help them through this huge transition,” Wallace said.

And now Louisiana schools will be closed at least through April 30, as Gov. John Bel Edwards extended his stay-at-home order last week to align with guidelines from the president and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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