Coronavirus cases exploding in Iberia Parish


There’s been an explosion of coronavirus cases among the general public in Iberia Parish. Parish officials want the public to continue to protect themselves, and each other.

Parish President Larry Richard says he wants the public to get back to basics, to prevent the virus from spreading.

“We need to make sure we’re doing our part to take care of ourselves and take care of our family members,” said Richard.

The numbers in Iberia Parish are alarming. There are now 978 cases in the parish. Nearly half of those (413 cases) just in the last 10 days. 76 cases were reported in one day, July 6th. That’s the largest single day total in Iberia Parish.

“I think the people of Iberia Parish need to go back to maybe some of the things they were doing before we got into Phase Two. Continue what you continue to do, but practice personal hygiene, social distancing, and things of that nature.”

Richard says the number of hospitalizations in Iberia Parish has increased over the last two weeks, and hospitals are close to capacity. Despite the negative trend, the status of nursing homes in Iberia Parish, once a hotspot for the virus, is getting better.

“Nursing homes were a major concern for Iberia Parish at one point in time. We’re not there anymore. We are doing very well in our nursing homes right now. The increase in numbers we’re seeing right now are community spread. It’s not isolated to a particular area. It’s community spread.”

Richard urges the public to continue to take the virus seriously, and stick to public health recommendations.

“Wear your mask if you’re out in public. Make sure you’re washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Staying at least six feet away from people. If you’re feeling sick, don’t go out and mingle with people.”

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