LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The completion of the project at the intersection of West Congress Street and Guilbeau Road will take longer than anticipated.

According to the Lafayette Public Works Dept., the project’s completion has been delayed due to weather as well as additional work being required once the concrete panels were removed.

Supervising Engineer Frederick Trahan says the plan was to be done by the end of the week on Friday, July 2.  
The new anticipated completion date is July 12.

“We also found more damage than originally expected. We would expect that the time frame to lengthened by two more weeks.” Trahan said.

Road repair projects can be sort of a necessary evil.
Drivers must deal with traffic hiccups in exchange for safer roads.

“The contractor specifically designated to do this work when both Lafayette Parish Schools and the fall and spring UL classes were out of session.  

That part of intersection is heavily impacted by those travelers,” Trahan stated.

Public works explains that the work is part of a $1.5 million city-wide Concrete Road Rehabilitation Project being performed this year.  

Authorities note that this portion of the project represents about 2.5% of the project ($37,500).

“It just kind of just popped out of nowhere.  I take Congress on a daily,” a driver explained.

“It’s all the road construction.  It’s creating a little extra traffic in the neighborhood for sure,” a nearby resident laughed.